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It’s a fresh new year and it’s time to line up your new products for new consumers! Getting that message out there is incredibly important and you know that consumers would rather watch videos instead of reading! Things evolve over time and what worked in 2019 doesn’t necessarily work in 2020. Keeping the finger on the pulse, here are our top predictions for this year:


Mobile video consumption grows with 100% year on year. Taking consumer behavior into consideration, videos are consumed mostly in silence as viewers move around public spaces during the day. Captions will become more and more important to add.


I always suggest the longest time you can watch a video before your boss figures out you’re not working, hehe. Instagram limits videos to 60 seconds. We propose to our clients to create their content to about 60 seconds. If you need it to be longer, rather upload it to IGTV instead of cutting it up as you will not be able to view your viewer count by uploading more videos.


When it comes to creating content, it’s important to understand that your market comes from a range of backgrounds and cultural references. King Price recently released a few advertisements poking fun at cultural integrations gone wrong. These commercials went viral as various target markets could relate.

Quality Story over Quality Production

The Christmas commercials end of 2019 was a telltale sign of how a shift toward storytelling was important. Most retailers focused on warm fuzzy stories. There was, however, a strong tendency of smaller companies that had smaller budgets, but wonderful stories! These retailers’ advertisements went beyond their expectations!

If you think there are new trends that we can add, be sure to let us know!