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Top 5 FREE Video Editing Software

If you’re a budding entrepreneur or part of the marketing department of a business, you’ll notice that videos are a valuable part of your marketing!

As a matter of fact, 79% of customers prefer watching a video of a product, instead of reading more about it!

With this in mind, you need the right tools for the job, but without breaking the bank.

Here is a list of 5 great free editing software tools that you can use for your journey:

1. Lightworks

Lightworks is an easy to use tool. The editor is great is not as machine intensive and can easily be learned. The layout is pretty straight forward and supports a vast array of video formats. It is designed for someone looking for core functionality and not for extensive additional features.

The free version can only export in 720p for YouTube and social media, but you will need to pay for the premium package to export larger resolutions.

2. Shotcut

Shotcut is an open-source video editor. This allows you to access bonus features on the software for no additional cost. You will thus be able to export your content in high resolutions.

It has an easy layout with some basic features to create your video. The software is great for basic videos that communicate core marketing messages.

3. Da Vinci Resolve

Da Vinci Resolve is by far the most advanced free software available. Professional video editors can extensively use the software before requiring to upgrade and unlock more features.

The software was originally created for colour grading of video material and the developers saw the need to extend its capabilities to full editing. If you want to start dipping your toes into professional editing, then this is the tool for you!

4. Blender

Blender is an incredibly powerful piece of software. Its main strength lies in its ability to create 3D animated sequences. If you dive a bit deeper, you will notice that it was used in some of your most beloved features animation films!

Although it’s primarily for animation, it also has a built-in video editing package, that allows you to create your own content. The software does come with a steep learning curve, so if you have an appetite for a challenge, Blender is ideal for you!

5. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is also one of our favourites. It’s a fun editing tool with loads of special effects baked right into the software. This certainly gives you the flexibility to stand out with your videos! The more you dive into the HitFilm universe, the more you might want to upgrade to their pro version. However, if you are a beginner, stick with HitFilm Express, it will take you far!


Your editing tools should only be seen as a way to achieve your final goal. You will still have to be the one to put thought into your videos and how your brand is represented. By exploring the limits of the software, might give you a better indication of what can be done. Often we find that limits only give our imaginations flight as we need to work around with fresh solutions!

Have we missed your preferred software? Leave a comment and we would love to take it for a spin!

Top 5 FREE Video Editing Software

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