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Video calling took a central role in keeping communication channels open during the lockdown. Employers and employees alike had to adapt to new technology. During the transition from in-person meetings to online meetings, we also realized how many meetings really are not necessary and this results in higher productivity.

However, with most people already camera-shy, engaging with fellow employees through a lens can be daunting.  Looking well on camera can already boost your self-confidence and help you focus on the task at hand. Let’s jump right in.

1. Camera Height

We mostly use the cameras on our devices. Due to comfort reasons, our devices are usually below our eye-line and we look down. This causes deep shadows under our eyes and the all so prevalent double-chin wants to make its big debut.

Preferably place the device at your eye-level. As humans, we have natural conversations at eye-level and it feels more normal.

2. Framing

If possible, try to stay about 750cm to 1 meter from the camera. Camera lenses tend to warp your face wider, the closer you are to them. Keep a bit of space above your head. End the bottom of your shot in the middle of your upper arms.

3. Lighting

Move your device to a window with natural light. Light will be wrapped over your face evenly, eliminating shadows that might accentuate imperfections.

If you wish you could add a lamp in the background. The offset from the lamp will create a “halo” effect on your hair, differentiating you from the background and bringing life to the background.

Try to avoid overhead lighting and device screen light as it creates non-complimenting shadows.

4. Background

The background must always be darker than the light illuminating your face. Avoid sitting with your back to a window. Your camera will automatically compensate for the light and change you into a silhouette.

Check that your background is neat and tidy. We love adding plants in the background as it feels more welcoming and warm.

5. Posture

Office-based jobs often result in long hours sitting down slouching. During your video call, use a chair that supports your back and improves the way you look on camera.

Have you stumbled upon other ideas to improve your image quality? Let us know in the comments!

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