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Women using macbook to train one another.

One of our clients is a tech company, offering incredible cloud-based safety and security solutions. Their team built a cloud-based security solution to counter crime in South Africa. We’ve made videos for them before, but it was always to promote the system. 

This time, however, things were different. Their marketing teams were literally driving an average of 400km daily to engage and train clients across the country. Personal relationships are important to them. 

The problem: They realized that in spite of the personal relationship, customers weren’t engaging with the system. Upon doing some research, the issues became clear: The once-off personal training on the new system was so overwhelming, that by the time the marketing team left, the client forgot how to actually use the system! Not only that, clients were too shy to ask questions that they felt could sound silly.

The solution: Bite-sized training videos. 

We created high-quality WhatsApp shareable training videos for the mobile app and cloud-based system. Not only does their brand still look great, but this enabled the support team to just send the relevant training video via WhatsApp. They’ve also implemented a training portal for new clients that get on-boarded. 

Suddenly they saw a higher system engagement, much fewer vehicles on the road and the marketing team’s time was exponentially better managed. Not to mention the money saved!

Fact is, training videos can save you time, money and increase your productivity. How can we help you?